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Lake Effect Winter Ale

Lake Effect Winter AleLake Effect is a Scotch Ale, big and malty with a touch of molasses and spice. Perfect for cold Cleveland winters. Our first seasonal, Lake Effect is only available from November until we run out....

Grist: All barley malt
Hops: Willamette & Northern Brewer, 45 IBU
Original Gravity: 18.0 P
Alcohol: 5.7% by weight (7.4% by volume)
...and molasses and seasonal spices....

Bronze medal winner for Strong Ale at the 1998 World Beer Championships.
Silver medal winner for Herb and Spice Beers at the 1998-9 World Beer Cup.
beertalk_mug.gif (1669 bytes)beertalk_mug.gif (1669 bytes)beertalk_mug.gif (1669 bytes)beertalk_mug.gif (1669 bytes)4-mug rating from BeerTalk Radio.

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