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 What's new on the site:

9/18/01 Kicked off program to help support the American Red Cross.  Click here for details.
9/12/01 Updated the Quizlet.
8/22/01 Update the date of the BJCP exam on the October calendar.
8/8/01 Updated the calendar section of the News.   Updated the Links to include the Beer Advocate, the Northern Ohio Coalition and the Cleveland Crunch.
8/6/01 Updated the Quizlet.
6/25/01 Fixed a broken link.
6/22/01 Updated the Quizlet.  Updated the staff section of PeopleUpdated the calendar section of the News.
5/21/01 Added some links to the Goodtime III and Northeast Ohio's Best Amateur Athlete
5/9/01 Updated the Quizlet.
3/30/01 Updated the Quizlet.
3/22/01 Added a link to the Cleveland Center for Contemporary Art -- we're now proud sponsors.  Updated the calendar section of the News. (At long last).
2/28/01 Updated the Quizlet.
2/21/01 Added a site-search panel to the bottom of each page.  Added a quizlet.  Try it!  Added last Autumn's newsletter to the Archive
1/15/01 Updated the staff section of People, and updated to show our new email address: email@wrbrew.com



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