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American Wheat Beer

American Wheat BeerBrewed with a measure of wheat malt in addition to the barley malt, this is the lightest of our year-round beers. It is a crisp and slightly sweet beer, accented with a hint of fresh hops. We designed this beer to be clean and refreshing.

Grist: 70% barley malt, 30% wheat malt
Hops: Crystal, 11 IBU
Original Gravity: 13.0 P
Alcohol: 4.6% by weight (5.9% by volume)

Bronze medal winner for American-Style Wheat Ale or Lager at the 1997 Great American Beer Festival.
Gold medal winner for American-Style Wheat Ale or Lager without Yeast at the 1998-9 World Beer Cup.
checkmrk1.wmf (758 bytes)"Highly Recommended" Wheat Ale from The Beverage Testing Institute (formerly World Beer Championships).

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